Solution description:

HICRON Dealer Portal on SAP Fiori is a totally innovative solution created for the Automotive industry. Thanks to Hicron Dealer Portal, the functionalities of Vehicle Management System and Warranty Claim Processing can be managed via latest FIORI UX, using mobile devices. Solution is meant to be used as both:

  • Dealer Portal – dealers are able to easily access and manage required S/4HANA real-time data in defined and limited scope, controlled and secure manner via dedicated Hicron Automotive apps
  • Main entry point for backend users, where all S/4HANA components and processes can be managed, benefiting from enhanced user experience
  • Selected VMS apps: Vehicle Inventory Pipeline, Vehicle Manager (Vehicle: Search, Overview, Details and Action execution), Vehicle Variant Configurator and more
  • Selected WTY apps: Vehicle Search with Create Claim functionality, Claim Worklist (status tracking, claim processing)
  • Note: UPGRADE to latest FIORI UX in progress!
  • Real-time integration with backend SAP VMS & SAP WTY solution

Business benefits:

  • Possibility to personalise and simplify the user experience (UX) for SAP Automotive applications across all devices (desktop, tablets and mobile phones) both at Importer and Dealer side
  • Transparency on items needing attention – timely notifications helps users decide what needs to be done next
  • Allows users to take quick actions
  • Increased user satisfaction