Development and Maintenance – Jira and other Atlassian products

Our team of certified experts offers Atlassian product development and maintenance services. At Hicron we will make sure that programming keeps up with the changes in your organization.
Development and Maintenance – Jira and other Atlassian products

About the solution

We know how important it is for software to work reliably, which is why we offer our Clients not only comprehensive implementation, but also maintenance and development of Jira Service Desk, Jira Software, and Confluence systems. Once Atlassian products are implemented, our experts ensure smooth operation of applications and support in solving any potential problems.

Regardless of whether you are using Atlassian products in the Server, Data Center, or Cloud version, you will find the right level of support in our offer. We also provide advice in choosing the optimal pricing plan.

The client decides whether the tools are installed in Cloud or on their own servers. Our team of experts makes sure that they work properly. We offer maintenance services for the Jira system and other Atlassian products, including:

  • problem diagnostics
  • carrying out upgrades
  • software supervision and periodic performance audit
  • expert support
  • license management (renewal, increase, decrease)
  • managing add-ons installed on an instance

We not only implement future-proof solutions, but also ensure that they work reliably. Thanks to our short response times, you can be sure that no downtime will disrupt your organization. Hicron specialists take care of updating, configuring, and maintaining the platform, while employees can perform their duties without hindrance.

We also offer technical support, workshops, and consultations to help you use Atlassian software effectively. We know how important continuous contact with the Client is for successful cooperation, so we remain at the disposal of our partners for any questions or concerns.

At Hicron we implemented a special ticketing platform based on the Jira Service Management application, which collects all client requests in one place. It is a simple and intuitive system that improves quality, reduces service time, and speeds up communication. It helps solve problems more effectively, and gives the client insight into the progress of work. We also have practical knowledge in the use of this tool and, based on our experience, we can advise the client on the optimal solutions needed in their company and indicate the most necessary functionalities.


Transparent support offer for Atlassian products 

We work together with the Client to determine the scope of the Jira Service Desk, Jira Software, and Confluence maintenance and development agreement, tailoring it to the specific needs of the organization. We try to ensure that the Client knows the justification for the costs incurred at every stage. The project management administration fee includes:

  • settlement preparation
  • reporting
  • status meetings

We stay in touch with our Clients on an ongoing basis and adapt to their needs. We take a flexible approach to hourly limits. If some hours are not used in the monthly settlement, it is possible to redeem them within the next three months. However, when the need to unexpectedly increase this limit in a given month arises during the course of cooperation, we enable our Clients to increase the scope and settle it with an additional invoice.

Development of Jira Service Desk, Jira Software, and Confluence

We do not just provide maintenance of already implemented software, but also its continuous development in line with business expectations and market trends. Our specialists can either improve the current solution or implement completely new functionality. The system can be adjusted using ready-made components or customizations designed for specific business processes.

As your business grows, the Jira platform changes with it, supporting the transformation process.



At Hicron we know that every business faces different challenges and has different requirements, so we always try to adapt our offer to the actual needs of our Clients. We approach every cooperation individually, taking into account the specific conditions of the project. So that you pay exactly for what you need.

We provide support and request processing in the service variant selected by the Client. We adjust the service window to the key hours during which users utilize the software. We operate according to two principles:

  • more is less – more contracted support hours lowers their price;
  • stay with us longer and pay less – we focus on long-term business relationships, so by signing a long-term agreement our Clients get even more favorable terms.

Partnership with Atlassian

At Hicron, we approach Atlassian projects with diligence, maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and innovation. This is supported not only by our experience, passion, and expert staff, but also by the Atlassian Solution Partner status of our company, Hicron Australia PTY LTD. This is a title that our specialists have worked hard to achieve, enabling them to acquire and deliver specialist knowledge as well as prepare tailor-made solutions and services for our clients. All Atlassian projects and implementations at Hicron meet the software producer’s quality standards. We provide implementation services for these systems in Australia, Poland, and around the world.


Talk to us

Let’s discuss which tools align with the unique characteristics of your company and whether introducing new solutions is currently necessary for your organization. During a free consultation, one of our experts will explore this topic with you and then within 2 days* you will receive an analysis from us specifying the suggested tools.
This will spare you the time typically required for market research and learning about the functionality of tools. It will also provide a thorough comparison of the tools, facilitating the selection of the one that meets all your business requirements.

Who is the consultation for?

We have introduced this service for companies with at least 20 employees which are continuously growing or need new solutions to streamline their day-to-day operations.

How do I prepare my company for the consultation?

Upon receipt of your application, we will contact you to provide you with the necessary instructions and suggest a suitable date.

How is the consultation held?

The consultation will be conducted online.

*2 days: this is the time we usually take to prepare the analysis, but particularly demanding studies may require more time.

Get your free consultation by filling out the form!


Experience in product development
We have been implementing IT solutions for enterprises since 2006. We adapt software to the individual needs of our Clients to effectively support their growth and help them stay ahead of the competition.
Skills confirmed by certificates
Our team is constantly developing and expanding its competences, e.g. we hold the ACP-420 certificate for managing Jira Service projects in the cloud and the ACP-620 certificate for managing Jira projects for Data Center and server. We also successfully completed the PRINCE methodology training, and we always cooperate in accordance with the ITIL best practices for IT service management.
Future-proof solutions
We offer our Clients unconventional solutions focused on the future. According to our primary principle and core “Vision Architect. Solution Maker”, we create innovative and effective concepts for years.
Global experience
We work with business partners from all over the world. Thanks to our understanding of the domestic and foreign markets, we can transfer knowledge between them and offer proven solutions.

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Daily challenges are easier to solve when you have the right tools! Contact our consultants and find out which software tailored to your needs will help you operate more efficiently.
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