At Hicron we focus on the growth of our Team!

When you are through changing, you're through. This maxi applies to every area of Hicron’s activity. There are both need and place in our structure to comprehensively approach the subjects of employee training and development.

Anna Pelz, previously working in Application Management Services, took a newly designed position of HR Project Lead. This position focuses on two main areas: Communication and Learning&Development. 

A broader view of the organisation  

Working previously in Application Management Services department, I was close to the consultants. I know what tasks they are struggling with and how important is to help them organize their work and find their way around the company's structures and specific projects given their hectic schedules. I wanted everyone to be aware of the context of their work, to be aware of who is responsible for what. This not only improves cooperation, but also makes it easier to identify with the organization and get involved in its development.
Anna Pelz
Anna Pelz

Each Hicron employee is assigned their own substantive area in which they develop and specialize. We are all connected vessels and play in one team, so it is important to organize knowledge management in the company, especially given our diverse, complex projects. From the employee’s perspective, it also means that they know where to look for people with the appropriate competencies, people that will become a support team in a given area. 

Why the new position was needed at Hicron? 

Working on a smaller scale, within Anna’s previous department, it was noticed that the approach to competence development there is effective and brings satisfactory results. Therefore, the idea emerged to transfer this effective method to the entire organization. 

The starting point for the HR Project Lead’s work in the area of Learning & Development is the organization of substantive and technical training. The HR Project Lead, together with managers, tries to identify the competencies needed in their teams. They also talk with employees about the directions in which they would like to develop. Then, based on the collected information, depending on the time available, they coordinate the preparation of training courses for employees.  

There are also plans to create entire thematic cycles divided into specific areas of the company. Such complete development paths would involve mentoring and one-on-one meetings with program participants. At the moment, however, we focus on specific competencies and developing a systematic mode of implementation of individual training, such as, for example, a school of clean ABAP coding: Mr Clean. 

The approach to employee development has changed globally as well. After 2020, a large part of the professional duties is carried online. Companies began to put more emphasis on the integration of employees whose relationships had weakened due to remote work. Therefore, training in the form of traditional lectures is being abandoned in favour of an interactive form that strengthens employee involvement. It is time to look at the present times as a new reality, not a state of emergency that we have to wait through. The new position at Hicron corresponds to the existing situation under the sign of digital nomadism.  

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