Faster customer service in 4 steps – thanks to the SAP FSM service request management software

How much time do your company’s consultants devote to a single customer? Can the process be shortened? In most cases the answer is yes, provided that a decision to implement a modern service request management software is taken. SAP Field Service Management is a perfect example of such a future-proof solution. It is a tool that will tone down the emotions of any customer.

Any customer service software has to facilitate the achievement of several objectives. Speeding up the work is the most important task that may be achieved both by simplifying processes and by their partial automation. Once implemented, SAP solutions are capable of reducing the workload required to handle a single request to only 4 mouse clicks! Read this article to find out how this is possible.

How are the service requests received at companies without SAP FSM?

Imagine that you are a coordinator working for a company that sells and repairs coffee machines. Being an ideal employee, you should obtain the full set of information required before commencing to process a given request.


The extensive information will enable you to hand the request over to the right technician. All you have to do now is to inform the customer about the time of visit and… hope that the date and time will suit them. The entire process may take a lot of time to complete, and requires you to think quickly, which may be quite a challenge when working under pressure. You should also bear in mind that dozens of such service requests are received by the company each day. This means that each minute is extremely precious!

Automation = intelligent customer service

The process of setting up an appointment with a technician is completely different when SAP FSM is relied upon. This particular service request management software offers a two-fold advantage: it provides you with access to all necessary information, and allows you to process that information without any delays. Below is a summary of the entire process, showing how an arduous and time-consuming effort is transformed into four simple steps.


The duration of the request submission process depends solely on the speed with which the customer presses subsequent app buttons. It is also worth pointing out that the entire procedure does not require the involvement of a coordinator – the system is fully automated.

Four clicks only – how SAP FSM can speed up your work

One of the primary objectives of Hicron is to offer solutions that are tailor-made to match its customers’ needs. So if you wish to maintain full control over the request submission process and over assigning the requests to specific team members, the SAP FSM customer service software will facilitate all related processes.


Individual screens are presented in a clear and legible manner.


The service request management software is not confined to a database with information required to set up the repair. A clear user interface is a great advantage of the solution. Well-organized tables and graphs enable the coordinator to judge the availability of technicians, the lead time required to complete a specific request, or the distance they have to cover to reach the customer – all at a glance.

The specific information does not have to be dug out anymore, requiring the coordinator to browse dozens of different pop-up windows: all you need to set up an appointment is available at a single location. The coordinator is only required to perform four simple steps to assign the right technician and to approve the date and time of the appointment:

  1. Check in the system which employees have the skills that are required.
  2. Using an interactive map, verify which of them is capable of reaching the customer the quickest.
  3. Include the task at hand in the time schedule of a given technician.
  4. Confirm the appointment that has just been set up.

Use all data available!

Organizing the work of technicians in the field is just one of the areas in which the SAP FSM system comes in handy. Extensive reports describing the course and the cost of each service visit are another element that is important from the point of view of managing the entire business. The data obtained via the reports – showing the time spent at a given customer, the costs borne to reach the location, costs of the tools used and of the repairs or inspections performed – may be analyzed on the spot and relied upon to come up with statistical reports. This means that in addition to facilitating customer service processes, SAP FSM allows you to verify the profitability of specific activities.


Timeliness is one of the most important criteria that business people look for when dealing with their partners. A company that is capable – thanks to SAP FSM – to immediately determine the availability of its technicians and the lead time of the repair is highly valued by customers as being credible and reliable.


By using professional service request management software, we may improve the quality of our own services. But that’s not all. Most importantly, the software facilitates organizational efforts, and offers comprehensive control of the costs and profitability of each request.

Think of how customer service software may improve the efficiency of your company! Would you like to find out more about this particular solution? Or perhaps you are wondering which industries the system is best suited for? Make sure to check out SAP FSM in action!

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