The Internet of Things and SAP FSM - how to begin the digital transformation of your company

The concept of the Internet of Things is based on communication between machines, i.e. on collecting and analyzing data originating from various sources. Zettabytes of information are capable of making our everyday lives considerably easier - provided that we know how to put them to good use.

Examples of applications of the Internet of Things are plentiful. These include the following:

  • alarm clocks that wake us up earlier, based on traffic congestion,
  • mirrors suggesting a hairstyle and hair care products suitable for the current weather conditions,
  • complex warehouse management systems relying on sensors installed on shelves, enabling the operator to determine precise inventory levels from any location the world over,
  • smart cities, built from scratch to accommodate sensors, transmitters and Smart Home technologies (with Songdo in South Korea serving as an example here).

The Internet of Things makes it possible to combine various types of data and is capable of suggesting personalized solutions tailored to current circumstances. IoT is not only a means to make our work easier or to offer better customer service. It is also a great opportunity to boost sales. However, there is no need to establish your business anew in order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet of Things. Implementation of SAP FSM may serve as the first step along the path of transformation.

SAP FSM, or what you are no longer required to do yourself

The SAP FSM service request management solution relies on communication between the customer’s hardware, an app installed on their mobile device, and the equipment manufacturer’s system. This considerably simplifies the performance of each request, making the process much faster and, most importantly, highly precise.

The user is no longer required to provide a consultant with basic information on the model of the device they use – all data is sent to the system once the customer scans the device’s QR code. The date of the technician’s visit doesn’t have to be agreed upon either. Instead, a convenient time is selected from several options suggested by the app. While waiting for the technician, the customer may verify, at any time, the exact location of the service expert by tracking his route on the map. This means that no more helpdesk calls are required to find out why the technician is late.

Customer experience is not the only area in which the precision of services rendered is improved. Communication between machines enables the owner to analyze the field activities of staff. Applications comprising the SAP FSM package facilitate the process of billing activities undertaken at the customer, such as: repairs, replacement of parts, periodic service or providing the customer with instructions concerning future operation of a specific device. The software enables one to generate invoices on the go, using a mobile device. The billing information is then fed to the system for analysis. All this takes place automatically – the individual pieces of equipment exchange data without any additional, toilsome burden on employees.

Uberization of requests

What does uberization of requests consist of? It is a method of managing requests with the use of mobile apps. SAP FSM is a platform used to manage service requests received from customers, which are then assigned to technicians with the right skills for execution. The process ensures that each repair is performed as quickly as practicable – even if the experts of a given company are not available at a specific time.

SAP FSM enables a great number of devices and programs to communicate with each other. These include: applications operated by customers reporting defects, applications of technicians receiving the requests, and the support system operated by the hardware manufacturer. This means that the entire process of managing the request is facilitated, which translates into a considerable reduction in its execution lead time.

Is the Internet of Things a solution that your company may benefit from?

Bearing in mind the continuous increase in the number of investment projects relying on the Internet of Things, failure to take note of this aspect is equivalent to giving in to the competition. The number of devices connected to the Internet of Things is growing each year – it is a great opportunity that cannot be ignored!

The Internet of Things is a solution that should definitely be considered, especially by large and very large companies handling hundreds of service requests per month. Communication between machines results in considerable time savings and in more efficient use of the company’s resources. It will also limit the number of errors caused by the “human factor” – resulting from fatigue, oversight or other mundane reasons. In other words, SAP FSM allows one to considerably boost the quality of services offered. Modern technologies are within our reach – it’s worth taking advantage of these state-of-the-art solutions to facilitate your business operations!

Hey, visionary! Do you want to get your business ready for the Internet of Things? Are you wondering how to adapt SAP FSM to the needs of your company? Are you interested in the module’s functionalities? Get in touch with our consultant to obtain answers to all your questions!

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