Hi5 values: Piotr – a reliable Elephant

Hi5 values: Piotr – a reliable Elephant
The elephant is an animal symbolizing responsibility, and in the company structure it stands for stable team-players.

They are people who strive towards the goal but see the sense of work in not only performing their own tasks, but above all in completing team projects. That is why it is a common value in our company. Whom did the Management Board distinguish with a nomination in this category? The Elephant turned out to be Piotr Łasiński’s Power Animal.

How do you feel as a Hicron Elephant?

Honored, surprised, and a bit confused… I never sought these kinds of nomination, but receiving it gave me a lot of satisfaction. I’m very pleased, although I think there have been better candidates. It may sound trivial, but as an ordinary consultant I just want to like my job, and this is what motivates me.

The elephant is a stable team-player. What are your practices in action that allow you to identify with this Power Animal?

My practices stem from my character, I do not become a different person at work. I am able to listen and analyze. I enjoy helping others, so I share my knowledge and experience. I also really appreciate feedback – both giving it and receiving it from others.

Which of your Hicron accomplishments do you value most?

A consultant’s work is continuous development, forced by the progress of the world around us. Changes in business processes determine changes in systems (and vice versa). We are in the midst of these mutual influences and this is what we grapple with. When we talk among ourselves at Hicron, we often consider whether what we have already achieved and learned over so many years is enough. Personally, I am an advocate of continuous development, and I try to foster this approach within the ranks of the Hicron Logistics and Automotive team. I believe I have been successful in this area and this is what I consider my greatest achievement.

What are your strengths?

Having worked for over 10 years on implementation projects at home and abroad, I learned to react to risks quickly and to get ahead of what might happen. I believe my strongest point is the ability to anticipate potential problems on a project and within a team.

What about weaknesses? What traits of your character do you need to watch out for?

I have a tendency to be overly meticulous and perfectionistic, which takes up too much of my time. Although lately I feel that I’m getting better at balancing this out.

If you had to name other Elephants at Hicron – who would you name and for what?

There are a lot of us Elephants throughout the company. Some are more visible, because, like me, they are everywhere, while others prefer to work undercover. But I do have my pick in this poll. It is a person on whose help and rich experience I can always rely; at the same time he remains extremely modest and honest. If I were to choose the official Hicron Elephant, it would be Krzysztof Sahal.

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