Hicron to enter the new year with a new Chief Financial Officer

Hicron to enter the new year with a new Chief Financial Officer
At the end of January 2023, Katarzyna Sokalska, former CFO at Hicron, will end her cooperation with the organization and head for a new career path. Monika Jakubiak will succeed her as CFO and Management Board Member of Hicron.

Financially, the company is standing firmly on its feet

The role of the CFO in an organization is critical to its operations, which is why we have been preparing this important change for some time and communicating it well in advance. Kasia has been with us for almost a decade, through thick and thin. She contributed to the company’s growth in the area of finance, but also by laying the foundation and actively managing the business support department, which today includes accounting, controlling, HR, IT, legal, and administration. Thank you for the tremendous support we have received from you, taking the company to the next level of economic security and leaving us in a stable financial position.
Michal Guzek
Michal Guzek
Managing Partner

Who is the new CFO of Hicron?

Monika Jakubiak received her degree in economics at the Poznań University of Economics. She expanded her knowledge in the field of management during MBA studies conducted by Kozminski University in cooperation with the University of Bradford (UK).

So far, she has served as Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Management Board of Shared Service Center Vatenfall Business Services Poland, an organization which, thanks to her commitment, was formed after the merger of two companies – Vatenfall IT Poland and Customer Services Poland. As President of the Center for Information Technology, where she was involved in the development of key systems digitizing the Polish economy and public administration i.e. The Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services (ePUAP), mObywatel and Trusted Profile (Profil Zaufany) allowing to verify one’s identity on-line or via an app, Vehicles and Drivers Data Base (CEPiK) and The National Registers. Thus, she perfectly understands the needs related to digitization and knows well the direction in which the industry is headed. To enter the new stage in her professional life, she resigned from her successful position as CFO and Member of the Management Board at Schindler Poland.

Monika proved herself not only as a committed professional, but also as a person who pays great attention to other people, which is very important nowadays.
Michał Guzek
CEO Hicron

Turn challenges into opportunities

I will use my professional experience and knowledge to ensure Hicron’s favorable position on the market as well as to meet the business needs of our Clients. The volatility of the environment and global trends force us to adopt a flexible approach to running our organization. It is not only a requirement, but a motivation for development and a great opportunity. I believe that a modern CFO needs to look deeper than just at the numbers. Therefore, on the one hand, I am eager to become involved in creating and implementing the necessary developmental changes at Hicron, and on the other – I will support the adaptation of innovations in business services. And to be honest: I am really looking forward to what lies ahead on this journey together.
Monika Jakubiak
Hicron's Management Board Member and future CFO

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