Hicron's 15th anniversary. Thank you!

It's hard to believe… but it's true! In February 2021, we proudly celebrate the 15th birthday of Hicron! Behind the years of learning, challenges, and successes of Hicron, we all stand: Employees, Associates, Partners, and Customers! During this time, we have completed countless projects that we can be proud of. We have achieved a very long list of seemingly impossible things, and further, with great determination, we aim as high as possible every day.

We develop others by developing ourselves

It would not be possible without the constant need to improve and strengthen the potential of our clients’ companies. We fuel this hunger for development in our Partners, thanks to which our organization was able to achieve so much. We have opened up to new solutions, industries, and markets. It is due to the care for the interests of our clients. The services we provide flexibly adapt to current events, solutions to requirements, and processes to the current method of operation.

From February 2006, i.e. – the moment the company was registered in the National Court Register – our goal is to act close to the needs of our clients. The place where we are now is the sum of many events, decisions, and hard operational work to better put in place that vision. Thanks to this approach:

  • we are the largest independent company in the CEE region in our area of ​​expertise. We have unique competencies within the implementation team. Thanks to them, last year we supported the first implementations of three innovative SAP products and countless business transformations, often of strategic value for customers.
  • we have the largest maintenance team. It has undergone standardization in tool quality and service transparency.
  • we grow and strengthen our position with a boutique approach to DSS services. They have become a strategic element of our portfolio.
  • We have received ISO27001 certification confirming high safety standards.

While writing this message, we run projects and support clients in Poland, the DACH region, UK, Benelux, Italy, the Middle East, the United States, Australia, New Zealand…

Thank you for your invaluable contribution to the history of Hicron.

We wish you and ourselves more beautiful jubilees!

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