Investment in people – implementation of SAP LMS

Investment in people – implementation of SAP LMS

Although they may operate in different industries, modern companies share a strong focus on progress. This is not only related to the development of technology, but also to the discovery of talent and continuous improvement of employee competence. Such an investment in 10,000 employees was made by one of our Clients from the food industry.

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For the employer, it is not only an additional advantage in recruitment. As you gain skills:

  • The professionalism of the work performed grows
  • The risk of making a mistake decreases
  • Motivation increases
  • Labor retention is reduced due to higher loyalty.

Each of these factors is reflected in the company’s profits.

The implementation included the launch of SAP Success Factors Learning Management System, SAP Success Factors Employee Central, integration with the HCM transactional system, and rollout to 3 countries.

Perfect match

Due to the complex organizational structure and the Client’s budgeting solution, the decision-makers were aware from the beginning that the implementation would be very challenging. In order to be sure that the implementation quality would be top-notch, the potential project partners had to earn their trust.

Initially, no specific solutions were indicated. Following the Proof of Concept prepared by Hicron, the final choice was SAP LMS, which responded to all the Client’s challenges. As part of this stage, it was necessary to model a fragment of the solution and adapt it to the needs of the company. Only then did the Client decide whether it was really a solution for them.

Key analysis

The implementations we carried out before were unique in terms of the scale. Combining the Client’s budgeting solutions with SAP systems and then rolling them out to several countries required proper planning.

The quality of the project was crucial, and the supervisory role of the people in the highest positions only emphasized its importance for the Client. To make sure that everything went according to plan, we put a lot of effort into the preparation period.

Regardless of the implemented module or Client requirements, we place great emphasis on conducting a thorough pre-implementation analysis. This is where internal processes and directions of information flow are determined, existing solutions are checked, and potential areas for improvement established – not only technical, but also business-related.

The analysis is focused primarily on optimizing costs and ensuring that implementation becomes much easier. It is at this stage that most potential problems and risks are located and can be eliminated in advance.

After successful verification, we first started implementing Employee Central. This was the module that turned out to be a breakthrough and dispelled all the Client’s doubts related to the choice of the solution.

Final result

The algorithms, mechanisms, as well as the experience gained during the integration project turned out to be invaluable, which is why we continue using them in other implementations. Since we worked on personal data, which was largely sensitive, we attached great importance to information security, using e.g. Confluence spaces, where only authorized persons had access, and cloud systems, whose security was ensured by SAP. As an organization, we are ISO27000 and TiSAX certified and undergo regular audits. We also make sure that our consultants follow the necessary procedures.

Integration of the budgeting system and further implementation of Success Factors allowed HR professionals to better plan and personalize career paths for employees, and thus – to increase their motivation and loyalty toward their employer.


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