Make the first step and gain a competitive edge in your industry!

Talk with cloud specialists and software development experts about your company’s plans and challenges. During Great Square, an innovative workshop for businesses, you will find out how to become more competitive.


Notice that Great Square:

  • is completely free;
  • last one hour;
  • takes place online;
  • is for one client (company) at a time.


During the meeting, we will be discussing 4 star areas of your company:

Business – your industry, products, short- and long-term plans;



Technology – your tech stack, architecture, and scalability;



Processes – your methodology and developing style;



Quality – your approach to tests and your coding practices.



In this way, your team and our experts will be able to diagnose problematic areas, as well as your strong points and undiscovered chances. How to improve efficiency and performance. How to build up your competitive advantage. How to shorten the time-to-market. First ideas and solutions will emerge even before the meeting ends!

After the Great Square workshop, we give you our conclusions and suggestions.

The knowledge gathered during the workshop will make you discover how many possibilities your company can size!

If you want to know more about the Great Square workshop, check our article!



  • planning a roadmap for your company to improve, expand and become more innovative;
  • chance to talk about your tech stack, business challenges, problems with performance, cloud adoption and many more;
  • access to knowledge and experience of cloud specialists and software development experts;
  • expert attention focused solely on your company and its needs;
  • access to recommendations and suggestions for future growth.

You will also have the occasion to ask us any questions you want. So if there is anything that interests you about software development, testing, cloud computing, or any other area of expertise, you will get to know all about it.


How to participate

  1. Fill the form on the right side of this page.
  2. Wait for our consultant to contact you and set the date for the meeting.
  3. Before the meeting, we will send to you all instructions.

If you have any questions, fill the form and write there, how we can help you. You can also use Hicron’s chatbot, or click the Contact button below.

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