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Business Transformation

Standardisation and process improvement that turns business into even more efficient, profitable and easier to manage.

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Business Transformation consists in implementing standards for the performance of specific business processes at groups of companies in order to achieve economic and performance-related goals. The transformation involves investing in additional IT solutions and implementing organisational changes, particularly during the creation of subsidiaries, M&A processes or preparations for expansion.

Business Transformation includes activities on multiple markets, in different countries and on different continents, and it requires analyses of legislative, economic and social regulations. Consequently, Business Transformation can only bring significant benefits when the implementation Partner is experienced and the company is flexible and open to changes.

Stages of a Business Transformation project:

  • collecting information on operations in a particular business area at all companies of the group (e.g. complaint management)
  • preparing the standard for a particular business process and ensuring that it can be adapted to local conditions (in some cases, creating a rigid standard may result in losses on certain markets; there are situations where incorporating local solutions in the standard is advisable)
  • implementing the IT solution designed for the particular process

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