Product & Car Configurator

Product & Car Configurator is an application designed by Hicron as an SAP add-on to support sales, facilitating product design by the customer.

About the solution

The Product and Car Configurator is a sales support application letting customers design the product via the online website. The configurator may be used by end customers, dealers or importers, depending on the business of the company that implements the application.

Configuration is done using data in the SAP system, with the option of 3D visualisation of the designed product. This solution is perfect for manufacturers/dealers of cars, trailers, boats, machinery, furniture and other products that may be defined by the end customers themselves.

Solution features

  • supporting and accelerating sales
  • letting the end customers/dealers/distributors/importers/manufacturers design the end product
  • easy and intuitive use
  • 3D visualisation of the designed product
  • suitable for a wide range of applications in the relevant industries and business sectors
  • creating configurations consistent with the options offered by the manufacturer

Benefits of implementing Product & Car Configurator

We have carried out several implementations of the solution for automotive and manufacturing companies. The benefits they experienced after implementation can be divided into two areas: thise achieved by a company itself and those that were experienced by their customers:

Benefits to Hicron clients
car on the ice road
  • accelerating the work of Sales Departments, as sales representatives spend less time on negotiations and meetings which results in submitting more quotes and finalising them quicker
  • the tool makes it easier to define the needs of the customers
  • the tool facilitates procurement decisions
  • increased customer loyalty
  • configuration is done based on data collected in the SAP system to ensure that it is faultfree
  • creating a customised interface consistent with the company’s corporate marketing models
Benefits to out client's customers
  • obtaining a precise and accurate quote and pricing automatically
  • opportunity to customise the standard product
  • presentation of the modified product in a highly attractive form using multimedia such as photographs, animations and 3D visualisation

Solution advantages

Cost reduction
Reduction of customer service costs by enabling easy and intuitive ordering; possibility to lower costs of engineering support per order.
Less errors
Reduce the number of pricing errors and mismatched quotes
Stock rotation
Reduction of warehouse stock and better rotation of stock on hand
Streamlined operations
Shorter lead and quoting time

Solution demo

Watch our movie about Hicron Product & Car configurator

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