Hi5 values:
Daniel – a visionary Eagle

Hi5 values: <br />Daniel – a visionary Eagle
Customer orientation, commitment, responsibility, being trustworthy, and standing for quality. These are values driving our company, and the Hi5 campaign appreciates those who embody them. Last Monday the Board decided to recognize Daniel Nowak, SAP BASIS Expert Consultant, as a precise visionary, symbolized in Hicron by the Eagle.

How do you feel as a Hicron Eagle?

It is a very nice feeling. I am glad that someone noticed and appreciated my attitude. In the extended description of this Power Animal you can read that it is distinguished by acting with precision, while focusing on the long-term perspective and a broad view of the issue at hand. I identify with this description and this is the way I strive to work. Of course this does not always work out one hundred percent, but I am glad that, in most cases, being an Eagle is actually in my nature.

The Eagle is a precise visionary. What are your practices that allow you to identify with this Power Animal?

It’s hard to discuss practices that come to you naturally. The devil is always in the details. I try to have everything worked out so that nothing surprises me. I keep the main goal in mind and make sure that it doesn’t disappear from the horizon, but I also focus on other people because I know I can’t do anything alone.

Which of your Hicron accomplishments do you value most?

My greatest achievement is the BASIS Team. The motivation and actions of all these people are the foundation for the completion of all other business goals.

Hicron, through the Management Board and my direct superior, Michał Sarna, also allows me to participate in building the Application Service Support team – I am proud to have contributed to this area as well.

What are your strengths?

I don’t like to talk about myself, but I try to be committed to what I do. It’s easy for me because I do things that I’m confident about. My attention to detail is most often an asset that safeguards project from unpleasant surprises. In turn, forward thinking allows me to look ahead and know which direction to take.

What about weaknesses? What traits of your character do you need to watch out for?

Attention to detail can also be put under weaknesses. Some might say that I’m a “Detailer” and interpret that as a flaw. Sometimes I have to check myself not to descend to the nanometer scale and focus on micro details.

If you had to name other Eagles at Hicron – who would you name and for what?

In our values, Eagle corresponds to commitment, and this is a common trait in the company. The dynamism of our operations is the best proof that no one lacks commitment in the BASIS team. These are my Eagles.

I can say the same about the people I work with in Application Service Support, the sellers, the SAP consultants, and others working in IT or the Back Office. In this respect, I see Hicron as one big Eagle.

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