Hicron's partnership with Atlassian - the best support for your business!

Hicron's partnership with Atlassian - the best support for your business!<br /><br />
The hours of hard work by our Atlassian team culminated in a significant achievement for our organization as September drew to a close. Being awarded the title of Atlassian Solution Partner by Hicron Australia PTY LTD is the result of a huge commitment from our Atlassian team.

Hicron’s expert teams are constantly developing their skills. We don’t rest on our laurels, on the contrary, we use our successes as a springboard for new projects. Our cooperation with the Australian manufacturer is another step in building our position as an experienced specialist focused on the needs of clients.

Compliance with manufacturer standards

Earning the title of a Solution Partner is an achievement of our entire Atlassian team. In order to achieve it, we had to meet a lot of requirements set by the manufacturer and showcase very specialized knowledge of its solutions. This project involved a significant time investment, hard work, meticulous preparation, and participation of specialized employees. This is why we enjoy Atlassian’s trust.

First: implementations and integrations

The Solution Partner status may be awarded to organizations that have expertise in implementing and consolidating the manufacturer’s systems. This means that they provide reliable support to the manufacturer, are recommended by the manufacturer, and provide services at the highest level. Solution Partners are obliged to meet the standards set by Atlassian and adhere to its procedures, strategy, and methodology. The title of a Solution Partner lends credibility to the company and assures clients that they are cooperating with an experienced business advisor, ensuring a secure implementation process.

Second: excellent product knowledge confirmed by certificates

Any company that establishes cooperation with Atlassian at the Solution Partner level must ensure that its teams undergo training so that they can acquire appropriate certification. It is also a guarantee for the manufacturer that the partner maintains the highest level of service, thereby maintaining the best quality of products. For the partner organizations, it is an assurance of comprehensive training, proficiency in software operation, advanced knowledge of the software, and a secure market position.

Third: respect for Atlassian’s values

It goes without saying that being recognized as a Solution Partner is a great support and opportunity for many companies to expand their reach. Often times it also provides an optimistic financial outlook. It’s important to note that the manufacturer’s partners also have an obligation to act in accordance with the manufacturer’s values. Companies which cooperate with Atlassian on partnership terms undertake to use particular tools according to the principles set by their creators. This allows the brand to maintain consistency and user satisfaction. For Hicron, this is an extremely important aspect. Being regular users of these tools, we also appreciate and uphold the manufacturer’s policies, ensuring the consistency of its ethics and traditions. Atlassian’s primary focus is on user comfort and satisfaction, aligning perfectly with our business strategy.

Professional support

Proper operation of systems requires constant control, maintenance, and response to potential risks. Atlassian, as the manufacturer, delivers its solutions, develops them, provides their users with up-to-date software versions and resolves errors in their standard versions. However, it should be noted that the company does not offer ongoing maintenance of extensions or customization of tools. Ongoing support in the use of Atlassian applications and systems, their implementation in enterprises, expanding their functionality, tailoring them to the individual needs of the organization, and creating additional custom add-ons all fall under the responsibilities of a Solution Partner.

As Hicron, we have experience in implementing systems from the Australian manufacturer not only in our company, but also in our clients’ companies. With our experience in implementing various solutions, primarily SAP and Atlassian, we are able to integrate them with each other in such a way that they meet all individual user needs. This is why we needed the Solution Partner title so much. It allows us to work with these tools comprehensively. With Hicron on board, the manufacturer gained additional support and possibility to develop its operations, and we gained more opportunities to customize the software to meet our clients’ expectations.

The Atlassian Solution Partner title awarded to Hicron also gives users security and confidence that the projects we carry out fully meet the expectations and standards of the manufacturer and comply with security procedures and legal standards.

A milestone in development

By partnering with a number of external organizations, it is not just the manufacturer that benefits from growth opportunities. Such cooperation also expands opportunities for the partners themselves and their clients. At Hicron, we constantly strive to comprehensively support our clients, which is why the title we have received from Atlassian is so important to us. We can reach a wider group of users and support more and more implementations and integrations. Those who approach a manufacturer and seek help in expanding the functionality of their systems are often referred to appropriate partners. Contracts are then concluded with them, and they provide maintenance services for Atlassian tools. Therefore, such cooperation also gives the Solution Partner greater recognition on the market, thus relieving the manufacturer. He often directs those interested in cooperation to appropriate, proven partners. This allows Atlassian teams to operate more efficiently and companies cooperating with them to expand their audience. The benefits are therefore experienced by both parties.

Qualified personnel

The requirements imposed on a potential partner by a solution developer are both a challenge and an additional opportunity to develop and expand skills. Earning the Solution Partner title is a confirmation of excellent knowledge of the manufacturer’s tools. Prospective partner companies are required to undergo a series of training sessions, on-boarding, and verification of their knowledge of the standards they should meet in order to best meet partners’ expectations. Hicron, thanks to such cooperation with the Australian manufacturer, offers Professional Services, i.e. authorized services for maintenance and improvement of Atlassian systems.

Partnering with Hicron: state-of-the-art Atlassian extensions and implementations

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