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SAP solutions simplify all business processes taking place within the company and references from thousands of customers, including both corporations and mid-size companies from all around the world, testify to that. We advise our customers to implement the newest generation S/4HANA platform, mainly because of its unlimited functional and analytic capabilities. While implementing SAP solutions we also advise in business process optimisation by utilising our international experience and industry knowledge. One of our strengths is our knowledge of technology, industry and niche SAP modules.

SAP S/4HANA pros:

  • Speed: a couple hundred-fold acceleration of even then most complicated processes due to the use of the next generation databases
  • Simplicity: UX rules compliance achieved by coupling S/4HANA with SAP Fiori interface
  • Elasticity: ability to choose private, public or hybrid coupled with a guaranteed data safety

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Hicron consultants’ experience has directly mapped onto more effective placement of business processes in the Atlas Ward, which in turn greatly enhanced our business.

Mariusz Górecki, General Manager, Atlas Ward Polska

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The choice of SAP and Hicron was not by chance. SAP is used by the majority of automotive companies as well as car producers our prospective customers. We have chosen it because it ensures the satisfaction of our industry needs.

Marcin Kopiec, Finance and Accounting Manager, Sumika Ceramics Poland

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Hicron’s experience, customer approach and the expertise of Hicron’s consultants proven during the conception phase assured us in our decision to implement SAP ERP precisely with this partner.

Maciej Pawełczak, SAP ERP implementation Project Manager, Profile VOX

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