How to make use of SAP Dealer Business Management (DBM)?

SAP Dealer Business Management is a solution combining the basic functions of sales, service, warranty and unique financial options for authorised vehicle importers and dealers. It includes sales support for new and used cars, after-sales service, sales of spare parts and accessories, and contact management.

SAP DBM is precisely adjusted to the needs of the automotive industry. Combined with the advantages traditionally known from SAP ERP, it is a perfect platform to manage processes related to automotive sales and service.

DBM by SAP supports Customers in the following areas:

  • integration with the SAP ERP solution,
  • management of all operational processes,
  • easier management of numerous brands,
  • long-term investment security,
  • a promising solution for your company.

What does SAP DBM offer?

  • management of numerous vehicle brands and various locations,
  • customer-specific settings in terms of language and country, such as currency and taxes, allow for its implementation all over the world,
  • support for process integration between the seller and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in vehicle orders (vertical integration),
  • support for horizontal integration between dealers (organisation members can get an overview of parts and vehicles in stock for the entire organisation),
  • possibility of operational and executive reporting with real-time analysis of the dealer’s performance, including full P&L lists at the departmental level, with the option of transition to source documents,
  • free connection via interfaces with other external systems used and the manufacturer’s or general importer’s systems.

Integration with other modules?

Dealer Business Management (IS-A-DBM) is fully integrated with other SAP modules and solutions:

  • Materials Management (MM)
  • Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • Warranty Claim Processing (WTY)
  • Financial Accounting (FI)
  • Controlling (CO)
  • CRM

Something helpful in addition?

There’s something for this too. VSA – Vehicle Sales Assistant is an internet application that can be used as a starting point for various processes related to sales at the dealer’s distribution sites.
Those using the VSA application:

  • receive information about upcoming actions such as a test drive,
  • see the planned actions by date,
  • create and manage customer data,
  • search for offers, vehicles and customers based on various criteria,
  • have access to helpful applications and reports.

VSA provides the possibility of integration with SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) and can be used in the actual implementation of sales. As we all know, effective sales in the automotive industry depends on whether the dealers have a sufficient number of potential, interested customers to work with.

What about aftersales support?

SAP DBM has a lot to offer in the area of automotive aftersales services. Aside from handling warranties with WTY module, Dealer Business Management gives a broad range of solutions. The program collects data related to sold cars, their specification, service history, as well as parts and accessories bought by the customer. Thanks to that, SAP DBM can provide personalized suggestions for the next purchase – which makes up-selling processes much easier and smoother. In addition to supporting aftersales, collected data provides valuable insight into sales statistics, as well as customer’s preferences or current trends in the automotive market.

Has anyone checked it out yet?

Yes, they have. The increasing number of satisfied customers in the automotive industry who have put their trust in our company confirms the truth of the statements made above. In order to convince yourself, please refer to our case studies on this topic.

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