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On the road, you need to feel safe. In business, no other road is more engaging than the one leading to company development. Therefore, we guarantee our Automotive Clients a safe and comfortable route to optimization and digital transformation of their enterprises. We know how to do it – we have been driving the Automotive industry with dedicated IT solutions for over 16 years.

Who is your Navigator?

Before we start – get to know us better. Hicron is a no. 1 provider of Automotive ERP (SAP) solutions. We have our headquarters in Poland, Switzerland, Spain and Australia, and we implement projects worldwide. Our Clients are the biggest and the most demanding vehicle and component manufacturers, importers and dealer groups, including among others: Volvo Construction Equipment, Subaru or MAN. We work on site at the Client’s, in a hybrid mode or fully remotely. We are a safe and solid partner with skills confirmed with certificates: ISO 27001, TISAX, SAP Gold Partner, SAP Recognized Expertise in Automotive.

Choose your road!

Every company has its own characteristics, and thus – needs a dedicated development plan. One thing is certain: in business, if you don’t grow, you start to regress. That’s why we help companies find the right development way and navigate them during the entire journey. What solutions do we have? Explore our Automotive turn signals!

Choose International Road if:

  •  you are a big company with branches in various countries/on various continents,
  •  you are struggling with the need to unify the IT systems of your company’s branches,
  •  you plan a solution roll-out,
  •  you need a project and technical support,
  •  you need a complex assistance by competent advisors on site or remotely.
Let's go!

Choose Innovative Road if:

  •  you don’t want to get left behind,
  •  you need a solution tailored to your needs,
  •  companies that you have checked have failed in the challenge,
  •  you are looking for specialists who are not afraid of using original solutions and combining technologies.
Let's go!

Choose Fast ROI Road if:

  •  you need a flexible adaptation to dynamically changing needs of your company,
  •  you prefer to avoid long term engagements,
  •  you want a quick implementation,
  •  you count on a fast return on investment.
Let's go!

Choose Cost Saving Road if:

  •  you feel like your budget is limited,
  •  you want advice and an audit of the solutions you currently use,
  •  you wish to eliminate gaps resulting from the use of several non-synchronized tools for one area,
  •  you wish to optimize technical and/or business processes in terms of resources, costs and time.
Let's go!

Choose Long Term Roadmap if:

  •  you are looking for a partner to implement your complex or multi-annual project,
  •  you need support and a sense of security while implementing a project, as well as after it is implemented,
  •  a long term, safe cooperation is important for you,
  •  you want to use a complex Automotive IT offer,
  •  you need both visionary business thinkers, and down-to-earth solution makers (the slogan of Hicron is: VisiON Architect / SolutiON Maker),
  •  you wish to combine several roads mentioned above.
Let's go!

Are you ready?

Make sure that your IT solutions support and meet their objectives. Learn how to achieve them faster and at a lower cost. Face emerging challenges and dynamic market changes. Match the road to your company’s style and trust the experienced Automotive experts. 

Software has a crucial impact not only on individual vehicles but also on the whole Automotive industry. It applies to both importers, suppliers, dealer groups and OEM providers.
Filip Stankowski
Filip Stankowski
Solution Architect at Hicron

Choose Hicron. Your Automotive Business Navigator.  

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