Hicron Lead & Opportunity Management

Hicron Lead & Opportunity Management was created to address growing needs of our Automotive customers to introduce more integrated sales processes on the way between distribution company and its numerous, mostly independent, sales agents.

About the solution

Hicron Lead & Opportunity Management solution is an SAP add-on designed to improve sales at automotive companies: dealers and importers. Its functionalities correspond with business processes in the area of Lead Creation, Lead Conversion and Contracting and Feedback Loop.

Lead creation

A distribution company, which is typically responsible for regional or country sales, is often triggering numerous marketing campaigns and sales events which help to generate leads. Hicron Lead & Opportinity Management solution helps to streamline these processes in the following actions:

  • automated lead creation in SAP and rule-based assignment of leads to dealers and sales representatives
  • integrates business partner verification and sales zone management
  • configurable, multi-step follow up actions assigned to leads with special thread for Hot Leads
  • support for calls, test drives, appointments, quotations and related follow-up actions

Lead Conversion

The Lead Conversion functionality of the solution helps to get in grip and streamline the process of consistent convertion of leads into opportunities and to work closely with dealers to accomplish that task. The following functions of the solution are used:

  • full integration within a web-based Automotive Dealer Portal solution and dealer’s dashboard of daily Workload Monitor
  • lead status control with default follow-up types and obligatory actions
  • e-mail and SMS reminders for sales representatives
  • test drive management incl. legal forms
  • personalisation (dealer, region, country, product specific)
  • document management
  • close integration between leads, quotations and sales contracts

Contracting and Feedback Loop

This functionality of the solution helps to gather valuable insights from dealers to be analysed in contaxt of ead processing cycle, product offering and pricing strategy. The followinf functions help to go trough these processes efficiently:

  • full integration with vehicle reservations, trade-ins and contract generation
  • support for vehicle delivery process, vehicle registration and maintenance contracts
  • planning Happy Call actions and collecting information on why the customers are hesitant to purchase, which product attributes or offer elements are a deal breaker etc.
  • clear outline on number of intercations with end-customer on each lifecycle step
  • analysis of dealer’s and salesman performance with pre-defined KPIs

Solution benefits

Lead management
Managing and processing leads in a systematic andstructures way
Sales support actions
Active support for lifecycle actions to increase both the number of valid leads generated and to increase number of leads converted into contracts
Integration with automotive solutions
Leveraging existing SAP solutions implemented for quick ROI (SAP Automotive portfolio and Dealer Portal)

Cooperation models

We make sure that cooperation models with our clients meet their needs related to project timeline, budgeting methods and scheduling. We offer three variants of cooperation: 

girl in the car

Time & Material

city traffic

Fixed Price

Team Extension

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