Hicron Workflow Streamer

Hicron Workflow Streamer is our proprietary solution developed in SAP Fiori in our Innovation Lab department, used for the invoices and other documents flow process.

About the solution

Our many years of experience in the development and implementation of innovative IT systems has allowed us to develop a proprietary solution for the purchase invoice process to improve the document flow process. It is based on the intuitive and accessible SAP Fiori interface – which definitely affects the comfort of work for users.

Our Hicron Workflow Streamer is a solution that automates the electronic flow of documents, invoices, delegations, tasks, and information. It allows to improve standard business processes between departments and individual employees of an organization, which has a huge impact on the ergonomics of information flow and speed of processes.

How it works

Hicron Workflow Streamer is based on standard SAP system (backend) and SAP Workflow functionalities, which use a workflow engine developed by Hicron. Everything visible to the user (frontend) is based on SAP Fiori – invoice acceptance, reporting status, and invoice information entered into the system. This solution also assumes the possibility of using other frontend solutions – SAP Portal, SAP Netweaver Business Client, or SAP Business Workplace.

The architecture of the solution on the example of purchase invoices workflow in SAP Fiori:

workflow streamer hicron example

For what companies

We are all aware of how much time in the organization it takes activities that could be automated using technology. One of the larger groups of such activities is administrative and office works, including, for example, document circulation in the company. These are procedures that can be automated relatively quickly, as they involve the use of relatively simple IT solutions. Thanks to this, employees can focus on tasks that are much more valuable to the organization. This is why the solution was desined especially for:

  • accounting departments
  • financial departments
  • purchasing departments

Basic functionalities

The basic version of the solution includes two pre-configured invoice acceptance scenarios (cost invoice and purchase invoice posted about the order). Thanks to the intuitive and simple configuration, work scenarios can be flexibly adapted to the individual requirements of your company. The basic version includes:

  • email notifications about the task are sent automatically
  • reminders and escalations about completing the task
  • access tasks in a personalized application
  • collective notification on overdue tasks (at the end of the month)
  • quick acceptance path
  • control of the connected invoice scan with description and acceptance history
  • posting manual or automatic invoices with error handling during posting
  • application to review all invoices in work flow
  • work administration
  • additional workflow stages prepared taking into account the company’s requirements and procedures

Below is the basic process scenario for a cost invoice:

workflow streamer hicron example 2


workflow streamer hicron example 3

Workflow process of purchase invoices is just an example.

Using our Hicron Worklfow Sreamer solution in the process of defining work scenarios, it is possible to extend the solution with any work process you choose, e.g. order acceptance, offer acceptance, master data change management, travel and business expenses acceptance. At the same time, thanks to the integration of SAP system and SAP Fiori, it is possible to use a huge number of standard SAP Fiori applications that change and simplify work with the SAP sotuion.


Trust our solutions

If you have questions about functionalities of the solution, would like to see a demo or have an idea to improve other processes based on workflow – we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to arrange a meeting with us.
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